BluPerformance Smart Fridge

My role

  • Industry specific desk research
  • Concept creation of Scenario & Use Case
  • Wireframing
  • Information Architecture
  • Visual Design
  • Documentation of Design Language and UX/UI Specifications




Rollout of a new generation of smart fridges which will be introduced to the market in 2015.

Project Goal

Design of a UI/UX and product design concept and definition of opportunities inside UX and technology for the new device generation of Liebherr refrigerators. 

In focus were three fridge models offering a comfort, premium and premium plus level of functionality. 


Design Process


Building up Brand Personality and Character

Since most fridge models on the market do not differ a lot, form and design of the physical screen at the fridge front is a key opportunity and differentiator.

Based on core use cases, three fridge front concepts were designed.


Product design concept presentation:   Based on core use cases and possible touch points, concept drafts werde designed.

A scalable UI/ UX experience across models

The challenge was to create a UI design pattern, that is scalable and offers recognition value for both touch screens as well as screens with physical button navigation.

The comfort and premium fridge models are equipped with a 2,5“ screen, which is installed inside the fridge and can be controlled via physical buttons.


Enable Touch interaction

The premium model has a 7“ touch-screen integrated at the fridge front door. UI and UX functionality had to be transferred and additional premium plus features, like energy management had to be integrated.



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