Christina Ebert

Center of Excellence Toolbox


My role

  • Workshop conduction with all 3 project stakeholders
  • User Journey Generation
  • Persona Creation
  • Wireframing
  • Information Architecture
  • Project leading


frog did partner with VW Group IT to set up a user experience library to leverage consistent design language & user experience.

Project goal & description

The UX Center of Excellence will provide Volkswagen business with the knowledge, methods and tools to create welcoming, confident and delightful user experiences that will drive ease of use, efficiency and productivity for Volkswagen branded software and platforms.


Project Overview

During a pilot phase of two weeks internal exemplary applications were analysed and overall design language with UX standards were established. In order to collect a meaningful variety of design toolbox elements and to proof scalability , it was key to select diverse applications.



The machine maintenance ticket system enhances the maintenance and repair process for assembly lines.

Overall goal is to quickly register and process machine errors, initiate mending and analyze the occurring data in order to start a preventive maintenance process.


Semantic Search

Semantical search sources content from VW internal online platforms of specialist literature and patents.

VW workers need quick and convenient access to relevant and latest information, they also want to build up knowledge libraries, share and save articles and follow experts or upcoming trends and technologies.



The re-designed planner tool offers transparency for both, individual and team members, approval processes can be done faster and pending requests are visible.

A dashboard offers tiles filled up with at-a-glance information, the sidebar navigation allows quick access to all relevant functions.



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