Future of Entertainment




  • Market, User and Trend Research

  • Synthesize Kowledge

  • Framing Hypothesis
  • Challenge & Enrich hypothesis with expert interviews

My Role

  • Project planning & creative leading
  • Managing client expectations for visual and content

Project Goal

Design research with the goal to understand the current status and future development of the vertical ’entertainment’ until 2020. Within 2 steps, the team was first exploring and gaining BMW outside knowledge on content development and user expectations.

Charged with a broad understanding of the topic, expert interviews were conducted to enrich and validate results and hypothetical project statements.


Design Process

Synthesis of gathered market and user knowledge

Synthesis of gathered market and user knowledge

Defintion of Entertainment

Based on BMW internal knowledge, we have defined the following categories as part of a the vertical 'Entertainment':

  • Games & Gambling, E-sports
  • Bewegtbild (video, linear TV, movies) 
  • Audio (music, radio, podcasts)
  • Newpapers & Magazines (social media, blogging, editiorial content)
  •  Books (ebooks, audio books, books)


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Entertainment Content Map