Traceability Passport

My role

  • Industry specific desk research
  • Concept creation of user story
  • Wireframing
  • Information Architecture
  • Prototyping
  • Project leading






Bayer Crop Science asked frog for help with the conception of a harvesting passport for farmers crops.

Project Goal

The goal of this concept design was to provide the client with an early design concept, highlighting some key activities farmers would perform with the passport application. Equipped with that, the client presented to and convinced internal stakeholders, so that a second project phase was kicked off.

Project description

The passport supports farming activities and crop treatments, so that food chain partners and Bayer representatives can easily connect, quickly assess the crop quality and source for distribution opportunities in time.


Application Features


Design Process

1. Industry research and Interviewing local Stakeholders

To understand farming industries, crop seeding and harvesting seasons we conducted intense desk research. Phone interviews with local Bayer stakeholders in Kenya were conducted to understand processes and review concept ideas.

2. Generating a User story

A user story was our perfect tool to generate realistic content and scenarios we could use as a guide for the key screens we will design.  

Also the user story provided the client with an excellent method to present the concept internally various departments. 

3. Wireframing, Visual DEsign & Prototyping

After a short whiteboard sketching session, we came up very quickly with the timeline as main navigational element. Since the small timeframe of 2 weeks, we were both wireframing and designing in Sketch, prototyping in Invision.



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