Christina Ebert

Hi, I am Christina.

 I am a UX/UI Designer with a secret passion for Service Design.


Currently working as Senior UX & UI designer for designworks in Munich. Before joining designworks, I was working for 4 years at frog design.

During my career, I have been involved in both Fortune 500 as well as start- ups in a variety of areas ranging from healthcare, retail, energy management, finances to transportation.

My Mission

I care a lot about creative processes and believe working together with people is crucial to understand real-life challenges. By that, I strive to create meaningful and lasting results that will have an impact on people's live. With a background as Industrial Designer,  my passion lies in the intersection of Interaction, UX/UI, Visual Design and Service Design.



“New opportunities for innovation open up if you start the creative problem solving process with empathy toward your target audience.”

Tom Kelley  |   Creative Confidence: Unleashing the Creative Potential Within Us All


What can I do for you?


UX DEsign

As UX designer, I care a lot for delivering delightful, useable and functional products. This process ranges for me from finding out what users expect to defining how information flows through to the product. Usually there is no single right answer to that, many different approaches need to be explored until a single problem is solved. I believe communication is a key skill for UX designers as concepts, ideas and product logic needs to flow, gathered and transformed for great team collaboration, great client communication and meaningful user interaction.

UI Design

Besides designing the overall feeling of products, I see the implementation into a tangible UI experience, visually on spot with the right elements, as an important intersection transfer. Whether it is a slider or a control knob which is a good pick for the most intuitive control element?

It is not only connecting single screens, it is maintaining consistency of behaviour and visual language by setting up principles. Design doesn’t scale regardless of platforms, projects or time zones.

Service Design

Organisations spend significant time designing tangible products. Services around, to nurture and connect these to systems receive often less design attention even if this requirement gets a must in todays competitive marketplace.

Generally, services are less productive and cause more frustration to customers than products. Service Design addresses this quality and productivity gap.



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